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Grizwood Carved Doors

Carved craftsman style door with deer
Carved Elk door and matching sidelight

When making a decision regarding your carved door you may have a door style that is just what you are looking for but features a carving

​that is not the one you had in mind. Not a problem !  Just let us know what door style fits your style and the carved image that is what you want and we will make it happen. Customizing your carved door is exactly what we are all about at Grizwood Studios. Call or email Chris today and lets get started.


Deer Creek carved door
Carved Lion Theatre Doors
Carved deer on 2 panel door

Both examples of carved doors shown here are unstained and unfinished.

​The interior Mahogany doors on the left were made to fit a Home Theatre entrance and included the brass kickplates shown at the bottom.

​The 42"X 96" exterior entrance door shown on the right was made of Alder and features the color staining mentioned earlier to add impact and visibility to the carving. The stain and/or finish can be applied directly over this color staining.

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Made in the USA


Carved elk in the river and etched sidelights

​The carved doors shown on this website can be made to fit your architectural drawings

​or you can create a carved door you have in mind. Color staining as shown on this elk

​door is optional. This technique keeps the true color value regardless of the overall stain color added to the carved doors. The etched glass scenes are created here at Grizwood Studios

Grizwood Carved Doors

Grizwood Carved Doors


Carved elk with color staining
Carved Bear Door

​Carved doors with etched sidelights that match. Your ideas for your surrounding scenery or whatever rustic theme you want,

​made to fit your door opening with one sidelight or 2 and transoms can be included for your entrance to make one large artistic scene.


Grizwood offers you superior hand carved detail
and carved doors you will continue to love for years to come.
Combining great carved door detail with hand colored staining assures your carved  
door will be the crowning touch you are looking for on your home's entrance.
Call or email today for a quote on your wood carved door project.
Please call or email with any questions relating to your project and what you have in mind.
Call Chris today and discuss your project or ideas.

Special Construction doors can match your ideas and architecture

​and can include matching sidelights and carvings on both sides.

You are limited only

by your imagination and if you have an idea not shown on these pages

​feel free to ask any questions and we'll go to work on making it a reality.