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offers custom wood carved entry doors
with carved images
and doors with
etched sidelights that match the carving.
 You can have custom carved doors and mantles made with your ideas or choose
from carvings shown on the following pages.
 Call Chris today and discuss your project or ideas you would like to create to express
your individuality and surroundings  406-370-0007.

Carved Doors

Color staining can be added on carved doors before stain and finish

Custom carved doors

carved moose door
carved moose door

Carved Doors with matching sidelights

carved door elk

Carved wood door panel and etched scenery

Carved Mantles

carved wildlife mantle

Detail photos of carved mantle after staining in color shown below

carved wildlife mantle

Mantles such as the one shown above can be made to fit your fireplace, however
mantle shelves can be created and placed anywhere you like in your home.

Carved Cabinetry


Handcarved features like the "Chief Joseph" carving below can be carved on location.




All artwork is original created by Chris Niles
 and all content is subject to copywrite law

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