Carved Doors          

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Grizwood offers you superior hand carved detail
and carved features you will continue to love for years to come

Choose from any images seen below or create new ideas.
Carved doors with wilderness, western, traditional styles, or your own creative ideas can
be brought to life.

Elk River

carved door deer
Deer Creek

Another example of custom carved door and sidelights

hand carved door
   Sleepy Bear Hollow

"The door continues to wow us and anyone who stops by. Our neighbor rang the doorbell
and asked to take a picture. Thanks for a wonderful door !"    Jeanette R.

Single door carvings and door styles

"Gone in 20 seconds"

Custom construction entrances

Daddy's Home


The door/sidelight below both swing inward to allow extra wide entrance

"King Bear"

All carved door/etched sidelights are pre-hung ready to install
as shown below unless otherwise specified



Home Theatre Doors

Carved door panels below can be ordered to size or you can send
a panel to Grizwood Studios for carving at:
Grizwood Studios
4247 S Cougar Lane Stevensville, MT 59870 US
Phone: 406-370-0007

Choose any image shown here with any door style you have in mind

Overlook Bear                                             Get outa Dodge                                      Raging Bull                                                Mountain Music      
Arched, full door, or custom carved door panels

                   Meadow Monster                                   Midnight Harmony                     What was that?            Dreamboat River

Other Applications for carved doors

Carvings for Institutional, business, memorial, clubs and organizations



                                                                                                  On-Site carving