​All Grizwood Carved Doors come with jambs fitted and sized to your wall thickness

​unless otherwise specified.

Included are oil rubbed bronze hinges with matching thresholds as shown here:

About 75% of our carved doors are made of Knotty Alder species with the carved panel areas using Superior Alder to avoid uncovering knots in the carved image. Alder carves well, has good stability, and stains to match other features well.

​  You may choose most any wood specie you feel comfortable with or to match other architecture in your home. Mohagany, cherry, walnut just to name a few

are also used often with Grizwood carved doors.

​  Grizwood carved doors uses a variety of raised panel door styles to accommodate

​the door carving. A few profiles and joinery with stiles and rails are shown below.

Carved Deer Creek Door

​Door Construction​

Carved Door and panel thicknesses are also available in 2 1/4" or thicker if you would like. Grizwood carved doors can be made to fit your Rough Opening and jamb size and

​we are happy to accommodate whatever your builder requires.

​  Stile and rail joinery utilizes mortise and tenon technique, time tested this is the strongest and most durable method when machined and glued properly. (shown below)

Door Entry sets can be provided by Grizwood Studios or you can provide us with an entry set of your choice and we can bore the door to fit your hardware. Rustic Entry sets and pulls are available in a variety of patinas and styles that will match your carved door and style beautifully. Below are just a few examples.

​Call or email us today and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.